Intuitive Counselling
and Hypnotherapy

Professional, Clinical and Spiritual counsellor. Holisitic services including Numerology, Inner Child Healing, Aura Analysis and Chakra Readings, Intuitive guidance, Anxiety Specialist, Human Behaviour Consultant, Hypnotherapy.


About Julie Noy

Julie is a qualified Clinical and Spiritual Counsellor. Having also studied Human Behaviour, Inner Child Healing, Yoga and Meditation, Numerology, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, The Chakra System and Reiki; Julie has the experience and knowledge to help you on your inner journey of exploring and healing any aspects of childhood trauma, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks. Julie can guide you through any unhealthy patterns or behaviours and help create new healthier boundaries and mentor you through the challenges of life.

Modalities / Services

Holistic Counselling

Inner Child Healing

Reiki Healing


Meditation and Yoga

The Healy

Crystal Healing


Finding Balance & Peace

Holistic, Intuitive, Spiritual and Clinical Counselling, Inner Child Healing, Yoga and Meditation, Numerology, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, The Chakra System and Reiki.


It gives me great pleasure to write this referral for Mrs Julie Noy she is an exceptionally gifted and insightful therapist.

Julie has helped me a great deal and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance.

Her expertise is second to none with an amazing depth of perception. She also she is also gentle, caring and compassionate.

Mrs Robin Wells

Julie also does counselling and Reiki, a great healing modality and I can’t wait to go visit her soon for more!

She is one of those people you just know was meant to come into your life; I have learned so much from Julie and we are just getting started!

She has many talents and gifts and I am so glad to have met you Julie Many thanks, much love

Sharon C

Julie is the most helpful an inspiring counsellor I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to.

She has such an in depth understanding of how we work both in our physical world and on a more spiritual the metaphysical level.

She uses her in-depth knowledge and life experiences to connect on a deep level and help get into your inner child to the depths of where our shadows to be brought into the light of for healing.

I cannot recommend Julie enough; she has been a lifesaver in my life.

Renee Bullock

Holistic, Intuitive, Spiritual and Clinical Counselling


Brisbane and Townsville



0410 664 801