What is Numerology?

Imagine getting up and starting your day in a world without numbers. Like many things, we take numbers for granted.

From birth to death, you’re a number — and in most cases, a series of numbers. However, there’s another side to numbers—an invisible side. In the world of the occult this is known as Numerology, an ancient and accurate science. It seems numbers and Numerology have always existed together. In my collection of books on this subject, authors have given credit to various sources, such as Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, the ancient Chaldeans, the mystic and mysterious Brahmins of India, and the sages of ancient China.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where, when, why, and how numbers and Numerology truly began. The common consensus is that it began in ancient history.” The references to the seven days of creation in the Scriptures may have been the very first use of Numerology.

Pythagoras Numerology…
Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher who lived more than 2,500 years ago, is the father of Pythagorean numerology. Some people believe that Pythagoras learned numerology in Egypt, others believe he learned it from Indian gurus in India.

Pythagoras and his followers were a religious order that studied many spiritual techniques. They were all vegetarians.
He believed that everything in the universe can be explained with numbers. His exact quote was “all things are numbers”. Pythagoras used mathematics only for spiritual reasons.

He believed that the numbers were the key to spiritual life and that through numbers we could find a way to God.

Pythagorean Numerology, or “Modern Numerology,” as it’s often called, is used in the majority of cases. Pythagorean Numerology is very popular because it’s easier to learn how to translate letters into numbers, and to master their meanings. The name, when analysed under Pythagorean Numerology, gives a psychological bent to what motivates you, what you best express naturally, as well as the impression you’re likely to make on others. Thus, Pythagorean Numerology method defines the natural talents, abilities, and tools that you were given at birth. This is why using the full name at birth is very important under this Pythagorean Numerology system.

Before we go any further, I want to make it clear that Numerology does not depend on psychic ability. It is not clairvoyance. I believe everyone is somewhat psychic and that we all have intuition, but the power of Numerology does not depend on these characteristics.

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